Greetings, lost one,
come in out of the rain through this ancient, oak portal. Why are you shivering all over? Have no fear, just make yourself at home here, in the dark and dreary dungeons of the
Site news:

28.12.2006 The modern world grows fat, and thus we like to add our ingredients to the stew of media. Now feast on all our live-videorecordings from the show last year.

31.10.2005 From this day on we will show the yet unknown play of "Schnappi, dass kleine Krokophil" in our theatre. Admission free....


Lost and found: Old drawers revealed some dusty and yellowed photographs that show the Lords on missionary work.


Unfortunately our mailing-list has turned to dust. The ones of you, who stil desire letters with great news will have to subscribe again in the spare room


Thou Sleeping Beauty dreams on, strange shadows are creeping through these walls and keep things moving...

On 23.9.05 the Lords will play a live-show at Fla Fla / Herford (near Bielefeld) as support for Deadly Sin, Torian and Uncut Despite.

Inside the mortuary spectres dance with new clothes - all songs have a new, better sound. Check it out!

The gallery shows off with a real daub.

Our cock ...ehm... cook comes up with few new tasty recipies.

The Pandamonium-CD is almost sold out. Further requests will be in vain. Still you can do it yourself.


Nothin' big: just two new comments on Pandamoium.


Don't miss it, should you be around: The Blackseed Boys LIVE - June 20th at Meta's Musikschuppen in Norden (Ostfriesland)!!!


We got rid of all the old copses after a complete pandamonium broke out in the cellar! Furthermore a truely amusing (German) conversation took place (and the Italian review was translated), the 14th scroll was dusted off and the backdoor repainted.


Lot's of small things: three pictures of the panda session, two private portraits, three more interviews, four CD reviews and the beautiful chain animation.

28.4.2002 Believe it or not: the first BsB CD is out! Furthermore we added two interviews and prepared something tasty in the dininghall.

07.10.2001 Major changes: We built a German residence, revealed the way into our private chambers and stored a new victim in the basement!

04.08.2001 Site update!!! We fixed the Angizia and Emperor links, unlocked the garret and the spare room.

15.07.2001 The BsB Dungeon is unleashed at the Ensorcelled Shrine of the World Wide Web. Still under construction!

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