Pleasantly quiet and cool down here, in the vaults 'neath our caslte, don't you think? If you venture, take a glimpse of the remains of those that dared disturb our repose...
1. Sliced Girls Wannadie - 2:56
cut from: Spice Girls - Wannabe
introducing shrieks extracted from: Deranged - X-Rated
Fast yet filigree complex-structured piece of varied Black Metal.

2. A Journey through Nightmario Land - 6:13
savagely ravaged: Super Mario Land (Game Boy)
The hourglass did turn many a time until soil and soul evolved from cunning thought into the grim creation of this ravenous Eden. A soundscape teeming with surprise and threat, with fairies and foes.

3. Don't Tell Madonna - 3:54

slyly slandered: Madonna - Don't Tell Me
femalicious moans by Lysalis
Black to the roots! In this highly precise dissection of mad Madonna, cruelty and beasty determination push the musick to an eruptive five-guitar finale. Featuring Sado Madonnastic activity by Lysalis.

4. Money - Apocalypse Mix - 4:37
ruined by interest: Project DNS - Money
presaging rapscallion: Manuel "Maniac" Busse
Once upon a time we were asked by a classmate to remix one of his Hip Hop tracks, a tale about money. And thus it lived fuckin' hard core ever after.

5. Satana de Janeiro - 1:25
sacrificial offering: Bellini - Samba de Janeiro
additional Invocation Choir: Tybs
Death Scream: Toddel
A sinful synth-interlude vividly depicting the invocation of some arch-fiend, which is climacting in the sacrifice of a Brazilian virgin.

6. Castle Pain-iiiaaaaaa - 3:06

whipped off:

CastleVania II - Simon's Quest (NES)

The CastleVania Adventure (Game Boy)

The spattered guts of Nintendo's Castlevania ('Simon's Quest' and Game Boy) in a maze of screaming guitars and devastating drums. Chaos?

7. Quit Slaying Saints (The Blackstreet Noise) - 4:21
noisily slaughtered: The Backstreet Boys - Quit Playing Games (With my Heart)
This Song alternates between dark ambience la Moonspell and Abigor-like 3-Guitar infernos.

8. Shattering Heaven's Door - 2:29
heavenly doortured: Bob Dylan - Knockin' on Heaven's Door
pitch peak screech by Petergram
Slain in 1998 this straight, aggressive and groovy song was our first drop of blood, and now has grown to a carnivorous, immense bloodshed.

9. Shadowgate - 1:07
fervently emerged from: Shadowgate (NES)
Mighty orchestral remix of the NES classic 'Shadowgate' Grim Reaper theme. Ever heard the Conan Soundtrack?!

10. My kill - Jack's Sin (The Hearse Song) - 2:45
bereft of breath: Michael Jackson - Earth Song
Total fuckin' starkness! After devouring this tattered carcass of Death Metal mutilation, only one question remains: How many limbs have to be torn and deranged until the tortured one loses identity?

11. Duck FunOral (Secrets of the Black Warts) - 6:20
object of derision: Dark Funeral - Secrets of the Black Arts
scarred voice: Lucien
clarion call: Emperor - Al svartr
The other way 'round: A cheap Black Metal classic twisted into a wild blend of Scar, R.I.P.-Hop, un-fairground tunes, Dark Wave and Tech-noooo; Additional bloodspitting by Lucien.

12. Britney Fears One Whore Crime - 4:30
deflowererd victim: Britney Spears - Baby One More Time
orgiastic outro torn from: Manowar - Pleasure Slave
Thrice the thrill: Furious Black Metal, Hypocrisy-like grinding Death Metal and bombastic orchestrations forge a deadly soundblade to impale your blood-dripping ears!

13. Christ-mess Goretory (A Violent Night in Jingle Hells) - 3:27
cristallized in ice: Jingle Bells, Stille Nacht, Oh Du Fröhliche
intro impudently stolen from Bach's Christmas Oratory
chanting Y-Kings aid: Khorn, Malte, Funny Dilth
What did you think Santa and his angels listen to, up in the far far north? What if not Viking-Metal as wild as Enslaved and majestic as Borknagar?

14. Der Hahn ist tot - 4:15
plucked chicken: Stendal Blast - Der Hahn ist tot
wolfpack vassals: Anni, Chris, Lucien, Schmiedel, Uly, Spike, Stefan
dying cock: Funny Dilth
Our cock is undead! - And impragnated with the black seed of our mortal sins: Fuckin' Metal!!!

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