BsB Interview by Pietro for the Italian magazine "Metal Shock" (15.7.2002)


Pietro: Try to introduce your band and your debut Pandamonium.

B.s.B.: "Yeah yo mothafuckaz! This is OG G.G. and OG G.P., and we're fuckin' back in da house!"... We're two folks who grab the worst pop songs (for example "Britney Fears One Whore Crime", "Sliced Girls Wannadie", "Don't Tell Madonna") and some Nintendo classics ("A Journey through Nightmario Land", "Castle Pain-iiiaaaaa") and transform them into varied extreme Metal songs. We started that project back in 1998 and until this year the number of beasty songs had grown enough to compile a whole CD, which is entitled PANDAMONIUM. It's about 50 minutes long, contains all our 12 songs re-recorded in a powerful and clear sound plus two bogus bonus tracks (a christmas carol and the traditional canon "Der Hahn ist Tod") and an appropriate cover artwork.

Pietro: Could you explain why you named your band Blackseed Boys?

B.s.B.: We came up with the name Blackseed Boys as parody to the Backstreet Boys, who were pretty famous when we started it all. But there are various other meanings to find in that name. The word "black" hints at the Black Metal scene, the word "seed" underlines our intention to spread our music generously (without thinking about profit) and the whole name just sounds ridiculous, just like our music ridicules different clichees.

Pietro: Every song is a black metal cover of pop song, except for "Duck FunOral". How did you come up with that song?

B.s.B.: Do you see any big differences between a cheesy pop song and a creepy Dark Funeral song? We think it's hard to take both things serious, so we made fun of both. Of course this is no special criticism of that specific band, it's rather meant as a suggetion to think about the creative quality of Black Metal in general. And the result is just funny, isn't it?

Pietro: Do you play some real instruments or do you make all your music on a computer?

B.s.B.: Yes, we do play some real instruments, if you consider electronic devices such as e-guitars and microphones "real". The only reason why we program the drums, bass and keyboards is that we're only two people and know nobody who is able to play those lines. Besides it's just a lot more comfortable to program, if you think about the rehearsing and recording process. Grummel also plays some piano and drums, but we never used that while arranging our music.

Pietro: What are your main influences?

B.s.B.: The main musical influences of the BsB are depicted in our logo, which is a collage of letters from bands we like and sound like. That ranges from Death Metal veterans such as Cannibal Corpse and Hypocrisy over Black Metal classics like Emperor or Dissection to experimental stuff à la Meshuggah / Arcturus / Bal-Sagoth and the recent generation, Cradle of Filth or Limbonic Art, just to name those.

Pietro: What do you think about BM basic concepts (satanism, occultism, war, etc.)?

B.s.B.: What we don't understand is that many people consider satanism and those foolish things as the basis of Black Metal. It may be right that the music has its bloody roots in that scene - we saw that once again as we visited the exhibition "Black Low" by Bjarne Melgaard just yesterday - but for us the attraction of Black Metal is the powerful atmosphere the music itself conveys. We don't find Black Metal destructive or negative, since the music consists of productive, (mostly, if it's not Dark Funeral or the like) creative ideas, which is the opposite of and ideology of war, pain, destruction, dissection, etc. By the way, every child knows that war is useless shit, so why should any metal fan think different?

Pietro: Who are BSB in the real life?

B.s.B.: We are two German guys born in Bielefeld. Grummel Griesgram is Andy, Gyrospitath is Ben in "real" life. We're both about 22 years old, enjoy listening to and makeing interesting music, meeting friends, baking cakes and eating Müsli. Basically we're pretty peaceful, sociable, humorous and... you know what? It feels sort of weird to describe ourselves within a few lines. If any of you readers wants to know anything special about our lives, feel free to mail us. You'll find our e-mail addresses on our homepage.

Pietro: Are you already working on new songs?

B.s.B.: No, just one thing: We gotta power! Seriously, it became rather complicated to work on new material since Grummel moved away from Bielefeld to study. We recorded Pandamonium over the last Easter holidays, and maybe we'll work out more songs in future holidays.

Pietro: Are you looking for a deal or will you continue to release your music on the net?

B.s.B.: The thing about our music is: Since all our songs are covers, it's not worth trying to get a recrod deal. Furthermore it is part of our concept to spread the music for free, that means you may change, remix and copy all of it. We don't ever want to become dependent on music industry, but just have fun being creative and giving other people a reason to smile or at least enjoy listening to the songs. For that purpose, the internet is simply the best platform.

Pietro: The last, important question: what do you think about Britney Spears' last single, "I Love r'n'r"?

B.s.B.: Sorry, we must admit that we never heard it. But it has to be a great Rock 'n Roll killer, since Britney did it!

Pietro: Ok, that's all. Would you like to add something to this interview?

B.s.B.: Well, thanks a lot for supporting the Blackseeds! Have a nice day, enjoy life and keep up an honest smile.