BsB Interview by Michal for the Slovakian "Zurbal Abnormal Zine" (27.3.2002)


Michal: Hello! How are you doing? You are probably working hard on your new recording...

B.s.B.: How did you know that? Yes, in fact we are working on our first CD. It means that we are re-recording all guitars and vocals of all our Songs and designing a nice little cover with everything a true black-metal-cover needs: candlelight, inverted crosses, swords, spikes, pentagrams, fire,... It will feature 14 Songs including 2 bonus tracks with a playing time of about 50 min. More is not to be unveiled now.

Michal: Do you think that you are popular? Do people in your country know your band?

B.s.B.: Yeah c'mon man, we're tha fuckin' Blackseed Boys! Seriously, we have no idea how popular we are. Since we promote our music via internet only, we get some mails from all around the world, but do not know, how many per(ver)sons ever listened to our songs. Let us tell you this much: no big record labels or radio/tv stations have ever contacted us. So we think we're not really popular.

Michal: When will your songs be placed on the "VIVA Hits" compilations

B.s.B.: Our songs will probably never appear on any „VIVA sHits“, but very soon some Viva Hits will appear on our CD, which by the way will be entitled Pandamonium. It's gonna be available in about a month (we hope) on our homepage

Michal: How did you come up with the song called "Duck FunOral"? I think it is one of your favourite songs.

B.s.B.: We saw the video clip of Dark Funerals „Secret of the black arts“ and found it so funny, that we just had to make fun of it. Basically we did it the same way we made all our songs: take a piece of shit and play around with it until something interesting is accomplished. The only difference is that a black metal song is converted into different pop music styles an not the other way 'round.

Michal: Is it possible to see your band on some tours? With which bands?

B.s.B.: In the near future it will not be possible to see us on stage. First problem is our music itself. It contains many guitars and really fast drums which makes it nearly impossible for us to perform it. The other huge problem is the organisation of a tour (we have no idea how to do that). As we told you, we have no label or anything like that which supports us.

Michal: Do you play some real instruments or do you make all your music on a computer?

B.s.B.: Of course we play „real instruments“.If you make metal music, at least knowing how to play an instruments is required. Or can you imagine programming drums without having ever seen a real drumset or a drummer playing? And as far as we know it is impossible to program electric guitars that sound more or less authentic. In our music the only thing that is not created from bits and bytes are vocals and guitars..

Michal: Could you clarify the fact why you named your band Blackseed Boys? How should we interpret your band name, because different people might explain different meanings of it?

B.s.B.: To clarify the question it's important to say that generally a piece of art grows with the diversity of possible interpretaions. So take all different meanings you hear and put them together. That way you come close to the full meaning. In the case of our bandname let us tell you our three main ideas: Of course the name „Blackseed Boys“ is an allusion to the Backstreet Boys, as symbol of crappy pop music. Then the word „black“ tells something about the music style we play. Third and mainly the name sounds so stupid that it surely gives us an unserious image. Furthermore if you think about the word „seed“ you might come up with the idea that we try to sow a sense of humour in grim black metal scene. Let your imagination run free.

Michal: What sources do you get your inspiration and ideas from?

B.s.B.: Our main source of inspiration is the music we like (mostly the bands you can guess from our logo, just take each letter). Not to forget the pop songs we destroy. Those are chosen by popularity and „quality“. And of course long lonely marches through solemn woods, misty valleys, frozen fullmoon nights, bla blub trallalla...

Michal: Which German black metal bands do you like?

B.s.B.: Well, Mystic Circle and Dunkelgrafen are shitty, Subway to Sally and Empyrium are really cool, but no black metal and the big underground scene over here doesn't bring up any new or interesing ideas. So, thinking about it, we seem to be the best....

Michal: What are you planning for the future?

B.s.B.: First we plan to finish and spread our CD and wait for feedback. Since the two of us live in different cities, it is really complicated to work continiously on new material.

Michal: What is the biggest atrocity you have committed in your life?

B.s.B.: We have idea how to answer this question. As far as we recall we haven't done anyhing really „evil“ such as torturing someone, blowing up buildings, pulling sister's hair,... (except our music)

Michal: OK, thanks for the interview. You can add something funny for the end of this interview. Any final thoughts....? Take care my friends!

B.s.B.: If you think to fuck is funny, fuck yourself and save your money! Halleluja, Prost & Amen!