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While prowling these rather modest dwellings, you learn quite a lot about the lords themselves. Be also invited to send us war declerations or obsequious words of praise in blood-sealed envelopes.

Grummel Griesgram

is a human entity native to Bielefeld (Germany), where he was spawned in the cold December of the year 1980 and given the name of Andreas. He started abusing musical instruments at the early age of seven, when he took lessons in the cello for about three years. The cello was then exchanged for the classical guitar, until he switched over to the electric one four years later. Additonally he learns to desecratre the piano since 1999 and started studying music at the University of Oldenburg in 2001. Various bands / musical projects have been enriched by his craft and creativity, such as Shattergraves, Narcoma, Xandria or the legendary Blackseed Boys.

As far as his musical taste is concerned, he is a true gourmet: delightful classics such as Cradle of Filth, Dissection, Emperor or Satyricon tickle his palate as well as the exquisite cusine à la Angizia / Arcturus / Bal-Sagoth / Meshuggah while spicy novelties like Dornenreich water his ever hungry mouth not less. Besides those metalline specialties G.G. now and then likes to pinch a bit of extraordinary minstrel's music (e.g.Corvus Corax or Subway to Sally) and has bcome fonder of so-called "classical" music since the beginning of his piano lessons; huge works (like Dvorak's 9th Symphony, the score to "the new Babylon" by Schostakovic or Gubaidulina's cello concerto) and small pieces (Mozart's "fantasia in d-minor", just to name one) alike.

His minor interests range from drugless imagination stimulation (reading, fantasy role playing, theater playing and watching) over theory and practice juggeling (mathmatics, physics, computer science) to bringing light into the dark alcoves of this world.

Warmhearted greetings to the Auburn circle, the Bielefeld-Werther-soulbond, the indiviuals of the X-collective and the masked kin!

also known as Ben haunts the sombre alleys of Bielefeld since lifting the coffin and eye lids in July 1980. Thirteen Autumns and some attempts to revive a wooden corpus later, he was gifted his first weapon, a six string blade of azure radiance. With nothing but his own demands and bitter experience to learn from he soon became privy to the skills of fencing with it.

Thus he was able to defend his territory victoriously against plagues from the lands of monotony and the greedy hands of the music business. Here he could count on the reliable help of musical hosts that he allied with through listening and transcribing alike. Most worthy mentioning are the black knights from the Castle of Filth, Dissection, Satyricon and the Amp-errors, my aunt Arcturus, meshuga striders and the Hyperborean Bal-Sagoth. Further essential companions are the devoted Dornenreich dreamers and members of the mysterious Angizia cult. While movie soundtracks ablaze the warlust again and again, Subway to Sally and Corvus Corax underline the wild feasts after the glorious battles.

Besides those musical fights, he embellishes his spare time with handicrafts such as embroidering or knotting tapestries (he's the one pulling the strings), mostly accompanied by radio plays or audio books. Driven by the desire (in violet overture) to make this world more bearable, he cherishes vivid thought interchange with similar souls by word, paper and ASCII code.

wailing hails to: Andy, Ponk, Corn, Basti, Spike, Ersan, Bianca, Maureen, Jule, the flames of Angelfire and of course my family

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