Angenehm ruhig und kühl hier unten, in den Kerkern unterhalb unserer Burg, findet Ihr nicht? Wenn Ihr Manns genug seid, wagt doch einen Blick auf die Überreste derer zu werfen, welche unsere Ruhe zu stören gedachten...
1. Sliced Girls Wannadie - 2:56
cut from: Spice Girls - Wannabe
introducing shrieks extracted from: Deranged - X-Rated
Fast yet filigree complex-structured piece of varied Black Metal.

2. A Journey through Nightmario Land - 6:13
savagely ravaged: Super Mario Land (Game Boy)
The hourglass did turn many a time until soil and soul evolved from cunning thought into the grim creation of this ravenous Eden. A soundscape teeming with surprise and threat, with fairies and foes.

3. Don't Tell Madonna - 3:54

slyly slandered: Madonna - Don't Tell Me
femalicious moans by Lysalis
Black to the roots! In this highly precise dissection of mad Madonna, cruelty and beasty determination push the musick to an eruptive five-guitar finale. Featuring Sado Madonnastic activity by Lysalis.

4. Money - Apocalypse Mix - 4:37
ruined by interest: Project DNS - Money
presaging rapscallion: Manuel "Maniac" Busse
Once upon a time we were asked by a classmate to remix one of his Hip Hop tracks, a tale about money. And thus it lived fuckin' hard core ever after.

5. Satana de Janeiro - 1:25
sacrificial offering: Bellini - Samba de Janeiro
additional Invocation Choir: Tybs
Death Scream: Toddel
A sinful synth-interlude vividly depicting the invocation of some arch-fiend, which is climacting in the sacrifice of a Brazilian virgin.

6. Castle Pain-iiiaaaaaa - 3:06

whipped off:

CastleVania II - Simon's Quest (NES)

The CastleVania Adventure (Game Boy)

The spattered guts of Nintendo's Castlevania ('Simon's Quest' and Game Boy) in a maze of screaming guitars and devastating drums. Chaos?

7. Quit Slaying Saints (The Blackstreet Noise) - 4:21
noisily slaughtered: The Backstreet Boys - Quit Playing Games (With my Heart)
This Song alternates between dark ambience la Moonspell and Abigor-like 3-Guitar infernos.

8. Shattering Heaven's Door - 2:29
heavenly doortured: Bob Dylan - Knockin' on Heaven's Door
pitch peak screech by Petergram
Slain in 1998 this straight, aggressive and groovy song was our first drop of blood, and now has grown to a carnivorous, immense bloodshed.

9. Shadowgate - 1:07
fervently emerged from: Shadowgate (NES)
Mighty orchestral remix of the NES classic 'Shadowgate' Grim Reaper theme. Ever heard the Conan Soundtrack?!

10. My kill - Jack's Sin (The Hearse Song) - 2:45
bereft of breath: Michael Jackson - Earth Song
Total fuckin' starkness! After devouring this tattered carcass of Death Metal mutilation, only one question remains: How many limbs have to be torn and deranged until the tortured one loses identity?

11. Duck FunOral (Secrets of the Black Warts) - 6:20
object of derision: Dark Funeral - Secrets of the Black Arts
scarred voice: Lucien
clarion call: Emperor - Al svartr
The other way 'round: A cheap Black Metal classic twisted into a wild blend of Scar, R.I.P.-Hop, un-fairground tunes, Dark Wave and Tech-noooo; Additional bloodspitting by Lucien.

12. Britney Fears One Whore Crime - 4:30
deflowererd victim: Britney Spears - Baby One More Time
orgiastic outro torn from: Manowar - Pleasure Slave
Thrice the thrill: Furious Black Metal, Hypocrisy-like grinding Death Metal and bombastic orchestrations forge a deadly soundblade to impale your blood-dripping ears!

13. Christ-mess Goretory (A Violent Night in Jingle Hells) - 3:27
cristallized in ice: Jingle Bells, Stille Nacht, Oh Du Fröhliche
intro impudently stolen from Bach's Christmas Oratory
chanting Y-Kings aid: Khorn, Malte, Funny Dilth
What did you think Santa and his angels listen to, up in the far far north? What if not Viking-Metal as wild as Enslaved and majestic as Borknagar?

14. Der Hahn ist tot - 4:15
plucked chicken: Stendal Blast - Der Hahn ist tot
wolfpack vassals: Anni, Chris, Lucien, Schmiedel, Uly, Spike, Stefan
dying cock: Funny Dilth
Our cock is undead! - And impragnated with the black seed of our mortal sins: Fuckin' Metal!!!

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